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Thank you for stopping by Boogie Green. This site is a compendium of published writings, by Sarah “Steve” Mosko, Ph.D., on contemporary environmental issues.

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Below, the articles are listed in date order, beginning with the most recent.

March: Rethinking Quality of Life in the Era of Climate Crisis

July: Southern California Edison Obfuscates to Hide Risks of Nuclear Energy
May: The Insanity of Expanding Nuclear Energy
January: Think & Act Globally to Solve Climate Crisis

August: More Nuclear is No Solution to Climate Crisis
April: Why California’s First-in-World Plan to Monitor Microplastics in Drinking Water Matters

November: Public Safety at Stake in Debate Over Nuclear Waste Storage at San Onofre
August: Dust-Ups Continue Over Radioactive Waste Storage at San Onofre
April: On Pandemics, Pork Chops and Chicken Nuggets
January: Microplastics in Food, Water & Air: Can We Avoid Them?

November: Your Military Taxes Worsen Climate Crisis
September: Your Military Taxes at Work: Human Carnage
August: Public at Risk: Scandals at San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station
March: Finally, a Bill in Congress to Fix Climate Crisis

November: What Do Beer, Oysters, Salt, Air & Tap Water Have in Common?
October: No More Kicking Climate Change Down the Road
July: The Taboo on Talking Climate Change
July: Calif. District 45: Climate Change? Who Cares?
March: Is Mimi Walters Changing Her Stance on Climate Change?

December: Ticking Time Bomb at San Onofre Nuclear Plant
October: Plastic Ocean Debris a Driver of Climate Change?
August: Only Collective Action Solves Climate Crisis
July: Post-Paris Climate Accord: What’s Next?
June: Irvine: The Little Engine That Could
April: Does Your Congressperson Represent Your Views on Climate Change?
February: Climate Change: No One is Exempt

September: Greening Your Wardrobe
July: Demand Sustainably Produced Cut Flowers
May: A Twofer: Carbon Tax Solves Both Climate Change and Plastic Ocean Pollution
February: Human Activity Ushers in New Geologic Epoch

September: Climate Fixers’ Bag of Tricks
August: Death by a Thousand Cuts
July: Why Suburbanites Contribute More to Climate Change
April: Tide Turning Against Plastic Microbeads in Toiletries
March: A Climate Change Fix Both the Left and Right Can Embrace
January: Pest: Can’t We Just Kill Them All?

October: Five Reasons to Pee in Your Garden
August: Disappearing Ocean Plastic Nothing to Celebrate 
May: Youthful Skin Comes at Cost to Ocean Food Web
February: What are We Feeding Fido, and Why?

November: BPA Regulatory Reform Moves Glacially Slow
August: Beyond Counting Sleep: Dos and Don’ts of Natural Sleep
August: How Smart Was That Lambchop? And Do His Friends Miss Him?
May: Mid-Ocean Plastics Cleanup Schemes: Too Little Too Late?
March: Plastics-Free Living: Beyond the Low Hanging Fruit
February: Chemicals in Plastics Foster Diseases Passed on to Future Generations
January: Plastic Debris Delivers Triple Toxic Whammy, Ocean Study Shows

October: Bioplastics: Are They the Solution?
August: Are Plastics Making America Fatter?
June: Debranding Movement Takes on Consumerism
May: BPA Newly Linked to Human Infertility
April: Advertising: Are You Buying It?
April: Los Angeles City Leaps Aboard Plastic Bag Ban Wagon
March: Is Your God an Environmentalist?
January: Occupy This Book

December: Fooled by Fake Food Dyes
December: Greening Laundry Day: Avoid Polyester Fabrics
October: Epigenetics: Revolutionary New Spin on Nature Versus Nurture
August: Huntington Beach Next City to Ban Plastic Bags?
July: Meat Lovers Guide to a Friendlier Climate-Change Diet
July: Time to Air Your Clean Laundry in Public
June: Curb Exposure to BPA and Phthalate Through Diet
June: LA’s Controversial Sewage Sludge Recycling Program
May: The Poop on Biosolids
March: Soyfood Industry’s Not-So-Healthy Secret
March: “BPA-Free” Label No Guarantee That Plastics Are Safe
March: Is ‘Cruelty-Free Cheese’ an Oxymoron?
January: Water Down the Drain: SoCal Squanders Badly Needed Rainwater, But There Are Solutions
January: BPA Chemical Lookalike Potentially More Risky

December: Beverages Bottled In PET Plastic Maybe Not Safe To Drink
December: The “Stuff” of The American Energy Footprint
October: Buddy, Can’t Spare a Dime For The Environment?
September: Human Population: The Elephant in the Room
August: Surf City Earns Energy ‘Smarter City’ Status
July: Low-Carbon Footprint Camping: Sun Recharges Your Favorite E-gadgets
June: 100 Energy Servants: Americans, with 100 ‘energy servants’ each, share blame in Gulf oil spill
May: Is Eating Organic Worth It?
April: Is Your Drinking Water Safe? New Online Database Helps You Find Out
March: Serving Plastics for Dinner? Unhealthy and Avoidable

December: No Such Thing as a Green Lawn
September: Toy Buyer Beware
August: Top Ten Potted Plants for Eliminating Indoor Air Pollution
August: Fewer Toxins in Toyland
July:  Suburban Habitat Restoration: One Backyard at a Time
July:  So You Like That “New Car Smell?” Think Again
June: “Hot” Food Controversies That Labels Do Not Disclose
June: What My Solar Roof Taught Me: Knowledge Ready Does = Power
April: Alarms Sound Over Safety of Nanotechnology
February: Catch Green Surf Wave
January: The Ecology of Loving and Leaving Your Cell Phone

December: Gov. Schwarzenegger Earns Mixed Reviews
December: Disneyland Boasts Eco-Friendly Policies: But could it be doing more?
October: Stay Married to be Green
September: Bureaucratic Red Tape Casts Dark Cloud Over California’s Million Solar Roof Initiative
August: Better Food Choices Get Better Results in Global Warming Battle
July: The Dirt on Laundry Detergents
June: Zero Waste! Let’s Get Out of This Dump
May: Potted Plants Ease Indoor Air Pollution
April: Firefighters Back Banning Controversial Flame Retardant
March: Shorter Sleep Adds on Pounds: Sleep More to Trim Down
February: The Polystyrene Ban Wagon
January: Is Your Coffee Green: How to Find Your Eco-responsible Coffee Shop

November: The Green Reaper
November: Hot Beverage Cups Go Green
October: Toxins in Toyland: A Scientist’s Timely Caveat Emptor
September: Grabbing Some Rays, or Solar Energy Made Simple
July: What Smells About Ethanol Fuel
August: A Beef About Beef
August: Trust in Chemicals Unhealthy
April: Driving on Sunshine, or Ethanol: Starve While You Drive
March: All That Shines Is Not Gold
March: Trust in Chemicals Unhealthy: U.S. Can Learn from European Union
January: Distress Calls From the Ocean

November: San Francisco Nixes Plastic Toxins
July: Breaking Our Addiction to Plastics
March: Can Bioplastics Save Us?
February: Plastics Damaging To Health: Fetuses and Children Particularly at Risk
January: Plastics — an Unhealthy Habit?

November: Thirsty Californians Trash the State
November: Is Bottled Water Really Safer? Billions of Plastic Bottles Harm the Environment
September: Plastics in the Food Chain
July: Plastics for Dinner
May: The Plastics Plague: From a “fix it” to a “throw away” society

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