Climate Change Series

Climate change is not a future threat – it’s a present reality

Bill McKibben

Global climate change is the greatest existential threat of our time. Never before in human history have we confronted a problem that threatens the very livability of the planet for both ourselves and other lifeforms.

While human evolution has prepared us to tackle short-term, here-and-now problems needing immediate action, we are ill-prepared to address climate change. Climate change is a slowly evolving phenomenon rooted in our deep attachment to the energy sources, specifically fossil fuels, that have come to define modern society and all its conveniences.

Nothing short of a global revolutionary change in how mankind sources and uses energy is needed, and we have just a handful of years to get the job done.

March: Rethinking Quality of Life in the Era of Climate Crisis

January: Think & Act Globally to Solve Climate Crisis

August: More Nuclear is No Solution to Climate Crisis

November: Your Military Taxes Worsen Climate Crisis
March: Finally, a Bill in Congress to Fix Climate Crisis

October: No More Kicking Climate Change Down the Road
July: The Taboo on Talking Climate Change
July: Calif. District 45: Climate Change? Who Cares?
March: Is Mimi Walters Changing Her Stance on Climate Change?

October: Plastic Ocean Debris a Driver of Climate Change?
August: Only Collective Action Solves Climate Crisis
July: Post-Paris Climate Accord: What’s Next?
June: Irvine – The Little Engine That Could
April: Climate Change – Does Your Congressperson Represent Your Views?
February: Climate Change: No One is Exempt

May: A Twofer – Carbon Tax Solves Both Climate Change and Plastic Ocean Pollution
February: Human Activity Ushers in New Geologic Epoch

September: Climate Change Fixers’ Bag of Tricks
July: Why Suburbanites Contribute More to Climate Change
March: A Climate Change Fix Both the Left and Right Can Embrace

July: Meat Lovers Guide to a Friendlier Climate-Change Diet
July: Time to Air Your Clean Laundry in Public

August: Surf City Earns Energy ‘Smarter City’ Status
July: Low-Carbon Footprint Camping: Sun Recharges Your Favorite E-gadgets
June: 100 Energy Servants – Americans, With 100 ‘Energy Servants’ Each, Share Blame in Gulf Oil Spill

September: Grabbing Some Rays, or Solar Energy Made Simple
July: What Smells About Ethanol Fuel
August: A Beef About Beef
April: Driving on Sunshine, or Ethanol – Starve While You Drive

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